By | October 26, 2017

The Downfall Of U.S. Nuclear Power |

A shocking report from researchers of some of America’s top universities shows that the U.S. nuclear power industry could be on the verge of collapse

Latest Articles from ZeroHedge |

The leading economics blog online covering financial issues, geopolitics and trading.

Books | TomDispatch

At 73, having spent years focusing on the civilian toll from Washington’s Afghan War, Ann Jones embedded on an American forward operating base to experience what that war was like for the U.S. troops in the field.

Putin Targets America’s Achilles Heel: "He’s Going to

This is so simple U.S. government. Leave other countries alone and stop meddling. Of course this is not the plan because BO and the government NEEDS not only someone to hold the burden of the U.S. debt, but needs a distraction to the e to the x exponential exploding debt.

Exclusive Clip: American Blackout: “There’s Someone At The

BI. Don’t apologize for the negativity. Being a prepper can be depressing at times. Because you see all of the pain that is coming and most others don’t.

Trump Has Declared War on the Deep State – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release). Former “high-level” CIA officer Kevin Shipp says President Trump has “declared war” on the so-called Deep State and the shadow government.

Episode 310 – How Big Oil Conquered The World : The

Apparently, there are two ways to understand it: 1- the war was an engineered crisis, no proof on that, just some “after the fact” analysis, and some false cause fallacies.

WOA! – Sustainability, Resource Depletion

A newly released study, produced with help from eight universities, found some good news. Between 1993 and 2009, the global impact of human activities on the terrestrial environment is expanding more slowly than the rates of economic and/or population growth.

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