Quick and Easy Tips for Learning Chinese

Quick and Easy Tips for Learning Chinese in 5 Minutes

The Chinese language is the most extensively spoken language in the world with 1.1 billion speakers. It is the second most rampant language used online, with almost 15 % of internet users speaking Mandarin Chinese. There are some aspects of the Chinese language which makes it easier to learn it faster than other languages.

Chinese has a very simplified grammar compared to English and other Neo-Latin language because its words do not change in the past, present or future according to tenses. Learn the Chinese language quickly by stressing upon appropriate, easier learning objectives and temporarily put off learning complex you want to learn Chinese fast, follow these guidelines and you will achieve rapid results.

Begin with Chinese Alphabets

Start off your learning journey by first learning its alphabets called Chinese Pinyin. If you want to learn Chinese fast, go through the Pinyin Chinese. Take one alphabet, one by one, understand it, learn it and then feed in your brain.

One of the biggest benefits of Pinyin Chinese is that it makes pronunciation easy for foreign speakers, and they can easily interpret the sounds of words through it.

There are four main intonations used in Chinese pinyin; they are highlighted above the vowel or vowels on each word. Not all words have an enunciation, but most words have a touch of at least one of them.

Tips for Quickly Memorizing Chinese Characters

Go slow and steady

Make an effort to memorize Chinese characters one by one. Don't bombard yourself with dozens at one time. Although there are countless Chinese characters, you only need one or two thousand words to communicate in an everyday flow of life.

Linguistic experts say that you will understand 89 percent of the language with just 1,000 words and 97 percent understanding will take place with 2,000 words.

Make flashcards

The best way to learn them is to write each character on a flashcard and then write its English meaning and pinyin version of the character on the opposite side. In this way, you will be able to retain what you learn.

Post vocabulary notes around you

Perhaps the fast and most convenient way to learn Chinese fast is to stick post notes around your house. The essential way to build on your vocabulary is to constantly encounter and play with the words until you've well imprinted them in your brain.

This will serve as the handiest method for assimilating vocabulary in your everyday life whether you are learning pinyin or characters. Just post vocabulary notes all around you and you will be speaking Chinese fluently even in your dreams while you sleep.

Online Resources for Learning and Mastering Chinese

Zhongwen is a great place to learn Chinese online with quick and easy references to basic Chinese characters.


According to the information on the website, Ting can help you learn Chinese in the following ways:

Ting means listen in Chinese. It is a place to study Chinese and English. You can focus on a topic and learn related vocabulary, use the review pages to study pinyin, characters, English, or test your ability to listen and comprehend. In the study center you will be able to look up words and hear them spoken by several different people. You can save your words to your account so you can use flash cards, review lists, and quizzes based on your vocabulary. One of the nicer things is that there are sentences, also spoken by several people, to illustrate the use of the more common words.

Games will help you build character recognition and vocabulary. The stories will enhance your listening skills and grammar as you become more advanced.

You will want to be able to see Chinese characters and hear mp3 sound files, there are instructions for each below.