Soy ? Panacea Or Poison

Soy ?stops cancer and baldness? (1)

?Soy foods can stimulate the growth of oestrogen-dependent tumours and cause thyroid problems.? (7)

?Boosting your Soy intake could reduce your risk of breast cancer.? (5)

?A British Government report concluded that there is little evidence that soy foods protect against breast cancer or any other forms of cancer. In fact, soy foods may result in an increased risk of cancer.? (8)


This article on soy will examine the following:
- History of the humble soy bean
- It?s role in the Asian diet
- It?s role in the Western diet - where is it lurking
- Critical questions regarding its safety
- The guinea pigs

Soy Beginnings The soy plant was initially used as ?green manure? or a cover crop plowed under to enrich the soil, and it became known to the Chinese as ?the yellow jewel?. Soy did not become human food till late in the Chou Dynasty (1134-246 BC), after the Chinese developed a process of fermentation to make it into soy paste, called miso, with the run-off liquid called soy sauce. Tofu came after miso and in Japan, and China it was rarely served as a main course except in monasteries where it was eaten with miso or fish stock. Around 1000 A.D fermented soy foods, natto and tempeh entered the food supply. Modern soy products such as soy-protein isolate and concentrate made using highly processed methods were unknown in Asia till after World War II. Furthermore neither soy milk nor infant formula is traditional in Asia. The first person to manufacture soy milk was actually an American missionary and physician Harry Miller. ?Claims that soybeans have been a major part of the Asian diet for more than 3,000 years, or ?time immemorial? are simply not true.? (6)

Soy in the Asian diet According to a spokesman for Cancer Research UK ?There?s a lot of research that countries with a high intake of soy in their diet, such as Japan, tend to have lower rates of prostate cancer and some other types, with the active ingredients in soy thought to be isoflavones.? (1). Sounds very compelling, however let?s elaborate how much soy is actually in the Japanese and Asian diet. According to the soy industry?s own figures Asians eat very little soy; around 9.3 to 36grams per day in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan. In comparison a cup of Tofu is 252grams, or soy milk 240 grams (6). More importantly the quality is hardly comparable, with the Asian countries generally eating their soy already fermented like miso soup, not as tofu, sausages or meat replacement foods. According to Sally Fallon from Weston A Price foundation (leading independent health group) approximately 65% of Japanese calories come from fish while in China the same percentage from Pork. So it is far from the backbone of their diet (8).

Soy in the Western diet Apart from the obvious where else is soy lurking? Research estimates that soy is present in 70% of all supermarket products and widely used in Fast Food chains. Soy is used to bulk out and bind many processed foods such as sausages, lasagne, beef burgers and chicken nuggets (food firms can then put a higher protein value on them). Even the husk is used for fibre in breads, cereals, and snacks. The big one is in vegetable oil- soy is the most consumed vegetable oil in the world and is used in margarines, salad dressings and cooking oils. Food labels simply list soy oil as vegetable oil As well as that 90% of the 200 million tonnes of soy produced annually is used to feed animals (3).

Soy and the Thyroid According to Mary Shomon editor of (9) ?Soy products increase the risk of thyroid disease. And this danger is particularly great for infants on soy formula?More than 70 years of human, animal and laboratory studies show that soybeans put the thyroid at risk.? Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick, an environmental scientist and phytoestrogen researcher who has conducted in-depth studies on soy, particularly the use of soy formulas published in the New Zealand Medical journal. Dr. Fitzpatrick makes it clear that soy products can have a detrimental affect on both adults and infants. In particular, he firmly believes that soy formula manufacturers should remove the isoflavones -- that part of the soy products that act as anti-thyroid agents -- from their products (2) How do researchers induce thyroid cancers in laboratory animals? They use thyroid-inhibiting foods like soy in combination with thyroid boosting drugs like Synthroid. (6) How much soy can impair thyroid problems? Perhaps as little as 30 mg or less than a glass of soy milk. (4)

Soy and reproduction Here is an interesting fact. Tofu is consumed by Buddhist monks to reduce libido. Humans and animals appear to be the most vulnerable to the effects of soy estrogens prenatally, during infancy and puberty, during pregnancy and lactation ? all the major phases of hormonal shifts with growth and development. How powerful can soy be to the hormone system? One landmark study showed ?that as little as 45mg of isoflavines could alter the length of a premenopausal woman?s menstrual cycle.? (4) Obviously it?s harder to find a cause and effect relationship as there are many potentially triggers to hormonal imbalances and reproductive problems. However in animals this has been more thoroughly tested. According to Dr Mary Enig (world renowned lipid and hormone specialist) female pigs can only ingest it in amounts no greater than 1% during lactation phase or face developmental problems in the piglets (8).

Soy and the environment Soy was previously considered a good source of protein which attracted vegetarians looking for meat alternatives. But it?s a double whammy for environmental and health conscious vegetarians as the effect of soy farming on the environment is dramatic. It is predicted that 10,000 hectares of forest every year in Argentina (20 football fields an hour). If this continues at this rate in fives years time the country?s native forests will have disappeared. Similar scenarios are being played out in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia all thanks to companies like the genetic engineering giant Monsanto. The World Wide Fund for Nature published a report recently calculating that 22 million hectares of forests and savannah in South America (an area the size of Great Britain) will be wiped out by 2020. Crops have also triggered soil erosion, and the widespread use of pesticides and chemicals are destroying some of the world?s most delicate habitats. (3).

Soy Business Soy is traded as an international commodity, like oil and gold. It?s a multi-billion dollar industry. "The reason there?s so much soy in America is because they [the soy industry] started to plant soy to extract the oil from it and soy oil became a very large industry. Once they had as much oil as they did in the food supply they had a lot of soy protein residue left over, and since they can?t feed it to animals, except in small amounts, they had to find another market." (2)

Conclusion So Soy?s reputation as a health panacea is now badly blemished. It still has some supporters, but it is important to examine their background to ensure they are not just PR mouthpieces for a very powerful Soy industry. Big Soy, like big pharmaceutical, has been a powerful force shaping an attitude to nutrition and health. Given the mounting evidence that does not support Soy as a health food I believe we need to be very nervous about accepting big Soy spin as nutritional gospel.

Your 3d Coach
Craig Burton

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Quick and Easy Tips for Learning Chinese

Quick and Easy Tips for Learning Chinese in 5 Minutes

The Chinese language is the most extensively spoken language in the world with 1.1 billion speakers. It is the second most rampant language used online, with almost 15 % of internet users speaking Mandarin Chinese. There are some aspects of the Chinese language which makes it easier to learn it faster than other languages.

Chinese has a very simplified grammar compared to English and other Neo-Latin language because its words do not change in the past, present or future according to tenses. Learn the Chinese language quickly by stressing upon appropriate, easier learning objectives and temporarily put off learning complex you want to learn Chinese fast, follow these guidelines and you will achieve rapid results.

Begin with Chinese Alphabets

Start off your learning journey by first learning its alphabets called Chinese Pinyin. If you want to learn Chinese fast, go through the Pinyin Chinese. Take one alphabet, one by one, understand it, learn it and then feed in your brain.

One of the biggest benefits of Pinyin Chinese is that it makes pronunciation easy for foreign speakers, and they can easily interpret the sounds of words through it.

There are four main intonations used in Chinese pinyin; they are highlighted above the vowel or vowels on each word. Not all words have an enunciation, but most words have a touch of at least one of them.

Tips for Quickly Memorizing Chinese Characters

Go slow and steady

Make an effort to memorize Chinese characters one by one. Don't bombard yourself with dozens at one time. Although there are countless Chinese characters, you only need one or two thousand words to communicate in an everyday flow of life.

Linguistic experts say that you will understand 89 percent of the language with just 1,000 words and 97 percent understanding will take place with 2,000 words.

Make flashcards

The best way to learn them is to write each character on a flashcard and then write its English meaning and pinyin version of the character on the opposite side. In this way, you will be able to retain what you learn.

Post vocabulary notes around you

Perhaps the fast and most convenient way to learn Chinese fast is to stick post notes around your house. The essential way to build on your vocabulary is to constantly encounter and play with the words until you've well imprinted them in your brain.

This will serve as the handiest method for assimilating vocabulary in your everyday life whether you are learning pinyin or characters. Just post vocabulary notes all around you and you will be speaking Chinese fluently even in your dreams while you sleep.

Online Resources for Learning and Mastering Chinese

Zhongwen is a great place to learn Chinese online with quick and easy references to basic Chinese characters.


According to the information on the website, Ting can help you learn Chinese in the following ways:

Ting means listen in Chinese. It is a place to study Chinese and English. You can focus on a topic and learn related vocabulary, use the review pages to study pinyin, characters, English, or test your ability to listen and comprehend. In the study center you will be able to look up words and hear them spoken by several different people. You can save your words to your account so you can use flash cards, review lists, and quizzes based on your vocabulary. One of the nicer things is that there are sentences, also spoken by several people, to illustrate the use of the more common words.

Games will help you build character recognition and vocabulary. The stories will enhance your listening skills and grammar as you become more advanced.

You will want to be able to see Chinese characters and hear mp3 sound files, there are instructions for each below.


Succeeed Paths to Increase Employability in Punjab

By Mr. Vandeep Gupta

Sonia is now working in an Airline as an air hostess. She is happy as her dream to join an airline has come true. But her younger brother is sad. He is not able to join a shopping mall. Everyone rejected him as his communication skill is not up to mark.

This is not the only case with Sonia or her brother. This is a common issue with today's India. The student who trains himself with the skills that market wants, succeeds. But the state of Punjab has now a solution to it to the students and educational institute those want to increase employability. Mumbai's leading vocational training provider SucceeEd has recenltly entered to the state with a plan to bring in employability on all those are in need.

SucceeEd has announced its presence for the first time, in the state of Punjab. Considering the massive requirement for skill development in Punjab, it has also announced that SucceeEd has now entered the state offering specialized courses to develop skills and increase employability.

According to 2009 census, Population in India is 1,155,347,700. The population in Punjab is 27,704,236. If you see the macro demographic data, the populatiuon of Punjab is more than the population of Australia. The National Sample Organisation (NSO) puts the unemployment rate of Punjab at 4.04 percent in 1987-88 - higher than the national average of 3.77 percent, but lower than that of Kerala, West Bengal and Haryana. The unemployment rate of Punjab has been rising, albeit moderately, from nearly 3 percent in 1973 to 3.5 percent in 1979-81 to 4 percent in 1987-88. By that token, Punjab has nearly a quarter million unemployed persons at present - 4 percent of the labour force of over 6 million. Underemployeds are, at the rate of around 8 percent, estimated at half a million. The issue has a solution if the youths can be employable.

The industry in Punjab is growing at the speed of light, giving rise to many opportunities for varied careers in the state. SucceeEd has entered the state with their first partners "Sant Singh Sukha Singh Group of Institutes", a renowned name in Amritsar, Punjab. Here they offer their specialized Communication Skill developing course certified by Cambridge University, ESOL, UK. This course can be offered as early as 3rd standard onwards, all the way to post graduation, focusing on different levels and aspects of communication. From everyday communication skills to Business communication skills. This course leads to certification for the students from Cambridge University, ESOL, UK, which is recognized by over 11,000 organizations across the globe, hence increasing the employability of the student by threefold."

Sant Singh Sukha Singh group recognizes the importance of communication skills as a value addition to the Indian education system and hence has entered into an alliance with SucceeEd to offer a better future to their students. SucceeEd utilizes a unique blend of Computer Based Training and Instructor Led Training to achieve the desired results in improving communication skills of the students and in turn increase employability.

SucceeEd's Executive Director (IT) Mr. Vandeep Gupta, states the importance of technology in today's education industry and highlights how SucceeEd has incorporated technology to master computer - based learning and progress tracking in a manner to not only provide consistent education but also make learning a easier and a fun filled process for the students, there-by increasing the participation and learning experience of each student.

SucceeEd Managing Director Mrs. Preeti Malik, harps on the importance of SucceeEd's "Train the Trainer" program, as she believes that, the teacher plays a major role in making any program a success. She ensures that each trainer of SucceeEd is highly trained and certified to ensure consistent training and maintain quality of the training provided by SucceeEd across the country.

SucceeEd's Executive Director (BD) Mrs. Tanya Gupta, welcomes other educational institutes across the state of Punjab to join hands with them in order to Develop Skills and Increase Employability. She also states that SucceeEd, is entering the state of Punjab with various other Industries relevant, skill developing, vocational courses such as professional Retailers Skill program Certified by Retailers Association of India, Diploma in Airline Management and Customer Care.

These courses are offered by SucceeEd only in alliance with schools and colleges in-order to reach out to students and provide equal opportunity towards employability.

SucceeEd's Chairman Mr. Sunil Malik says that SucceeEd's can show the way to increase employability in the state of Punjab.

Is It Possible To Refinance Student Loans?

A decision to refinance ones student loans is wise because it aims at reducing the monthly charges paid on the loans.

This depends on the number of loans you have since the next choice will be if it is better to refinance each at a time or separately or together.

You can also choose to extend the period of payment meaning that you end up paying a lot at the end while payment pattern and amount become manageable.

This is preferable when the debt burden is too high monthly and you are sure by your current means, you will default in one way or another.

If it is the interest rates you choose to refinance so as to seek for lower interest rates, then you will reduce the elevated student loan debt in the long run.

There are many methods of doing this though, provided by many banks and credit unions like student loan consolidation.

Just like lenders put you under a qualification criterion when applying for the loan initially, they similarly require you to pass the test for refinancing.

They will definitely demand a good credit report and this is a major concern for any student before they can apply for refinancing.

Improving the areas revealed by your credit review will enable you to be selected by just about any lender because this assures them that you are not the type that can run away from a payment obligation.

Lenders also differ in this but a good percentage of them require that you are not by this time using any student loan to fund your education, others ask for a particular minimum balance that is affordable.

As you may be aware of, there are either private or federal loans and the latter is easier to refinance than the former because of the way they have been arranged by the government.

The private lenders are purely in business and they assume that by offering you loans for your higher education and more, this would enhance your income generation.

The two combined would make it very expensive for you because the initial amount together would translate to a higher rate.

It is therefore wise that students make an informed choice on this so as they do not end up frustrated.

Apart from old way offered by banks or credit unions, Internet is another quick way to make use of when applying.

The only thing that one needs to be vigilant about is the site to select among the many doing this online; the student must do their homework.

The homework should therefore involve interest rates comparison and the terms of payment provided by diverse lenders so as to finally pick the most favorable.

Trust me, online lenders are much aware of the rivalry more than the student may think and this mean variety of good rates to choose from.

They must nevertheless remember that the bottom line is remolding a loan to match one?s financial strengths so that they never fails in paying back.

Denver Schools ? A Closer Look

Denver, Colorado?Home of the Mile-High stadium, a city with amazing scenery and a high altitude. It is one in which Denver Public Schools have set lofty goals for themselves. All school districts have mission statements, visions, and school improvement plans. Denver Schools break their goals down into three areas:

1. Set high expectations for all students.
2. Raise the overall achievement level.
3. Close the achievement gap.

How well are the Denver Schools going? Well, to meet these goals, the district is focusing on six strategies; enhancing literacy skills, enhancing math skills, offering more after-school help, strengthening middle and high schools, improving professional development for principals and teachers, and increasing parental involvement.

Let?s take a closer look at these strategies.

Enhancing literacy skills is one way that Denver Schools will reach the three goals mentioned above. Improving the literacy of all students, whether they are high achievers or students who struggle with reading is a necessity. Denver Schools realize this and are working to improve the literacy skills of their students.

Enhancing students? mathematics skills is another strategy adopted by Denver Schools to reach their goals. Again, looking to the future of their students is the motivation here. One of the Denver Schools main purposes is to turn out well-rounded, productive members of society. In order for our future leaders to contribute their best they need to be well educated; and possessing excellent math skills is important.

Offering more after-school help is a wonderful way for students in need to meet the above goals. Giving support to Denver Schools students who are having a hard time will not only raise test scores (which this writer hopes isn?t their only motivation), but will also help raise the students? confidence in themselves as well.

Strengthening Denver Schools, especially at the middle and high school levels is vitally important if they truly intend to meet their goals of improvement. Middle- and high school-age students are going through lots of changes. Not only are their bodies changing and their emotions are running wild. Members of the opposite sex have become extremely important and hormones are raging. Peer pressure has reached an all-time high, and the desire to fit in and be like everyone else is strong. Denver Schools must recognize these challenges their students are facing and work to be more supportive. Improving professional development for principals and teachers, the 5th strategy that will help Denver Schools meet their goals, will also help them strengthen their middle and high schools.

The importance of parental involvement may seem to be a no-brainer to some, but there are a surprisingly large number of parents of Denver Schools students who do not realize how much their involvement in their child?s school contributes to their success. It doesn?t matter if the parent volunteers at the school, attends school functions, or simply helps with homework ? it all influences the success of their Denver Schools student.


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction. It occurs when someone is exposed to an allergen and their body generates an extreme shutdown response. The immune system goes into overdrive and takes more precautions than necessary, resulting in a loss of normal functioning. The most common triggers are food allergens such as peanuts, insect allergens such as bees, and medication allergens such as penicillin. Anyone who has an allergy is at risk, but those with a family history of an anaphylactic response as well as those with asthma are more likely to experience this reaction. People with these types of allergies may experience anaphylaxis upon exposure even if their past allergic reactions have been very mild.

A typical anaphylactic reaction may begin within minutes after exposure to the allergen, although in some cases the reaction may be delayed for up to an hour. Symptoms may begin with itching and hives and progress to breathing problems, clammy skin, swelling of the lips and face, vomiting, and unconsciousness. Low blood pressure and a low pulse usually accompany this reaction. The body eventually goes into a state of shock known as anaphylactic shock.

When someone is experiencing an anaphylactic reaction, it is very important that they seek emergency medical attention right away. If left untreated, it could result in unconsciousness or even death. Although possible, death from anaphylaxis is very uncommon. Death is preventable with quick and proper medical attention.

Treatment usually involves an injection of epinephrine. If the person has stopped breathing, CPR may also be necessary. In some cases, antihistamines or cortisone may be given by IV. This is usually followed by monitoring until all of the symptoms have diminished. If the cause of the anaphylaxis is unknown, a doctor can conduct allergy tests to help identify the trigger. It is very easy to test the most common triggers, but in some cases the cause of an anaphylactic shock may never be known.

Some people with known allergies and a history of anaphylaxis may carry an epinephrine injection with them at all times in case of emergency. If they recognize exposure to the trigger allergen early enough, they may administer the injection themselves but if they are incapacitated, it is important that family or friends administer the injection as soon as possible. For this reason, family and friends are usually trained in proper epinephrine injection procedures upon diagnosis. It is still important to see a doctor following a self-treated episode of anaphylaxis to ensure symptoms do not return.

Anaphylaxis can be a very frightening experience, but it is important to remember that is not uncommon and is very treatable. Knowing the symptoms and acting quickly nearly always results in a positive resolution.

Get Free Money For School And Don’t Mess With Student Loans

It is more important than ever to become a successful student in today's world of education. If you want to stand tall and rise above all of the hype and distractions, then you need to focus on how to get free money for school so you don't have to mess with student loans.

I mean 't you have enough stress and worries out there, like getting good grades and participating in other important activities?

I would say that your answer would be yes.

First of all, trying to get student loans can really be stressful for a student that needs to get money for school. Not only do you have to wait for several weeks for the money to arrive, but you also end up paying a high interest percentage that will have you paying on your loans for years after you graduate.

This is not a route that you want to go.

There are so many students that are trying to meet their financial aid criteria, only to discover that the government does not give the student the money that they really need to go though school.

Here are some ways that you can get free money for school...

If you have a computer and internet access, then go out there on the web and start searching. You can find different resources that will help you find the money that you need to go to school.

Go look at different websites, including educational and financial blogs. This will start to get things rolling for you.

These sites are great, because they are packed with all kinds of tools and resources that will help you in your search. You will start to discover sites that have links to many different funding programs, without having to pay those high interest student loans.

The next step that you need to do, is to start to take action! I mean, get in there and start to make things happen for yourself.

For example, put a resume together and with all the benefits of a small business sponsoring you. This can be a great way for a small business to get some exposure.

The last step is to go online and start to take advantage of the free money, that is out there at your disposal.

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