A Digital Camera Great For Travel

The Canon Power shot SD1100 IS provides an 8 mega pixel shot, which translates to a stunningly beautiful picture on even the most advanced monitors. Users who care about style will note the different metallic colors it comes in, and those who suffer from shaky hands (much like myself) will marvel at its ability to auto correct. Pictures that should not have any right turning out steady and even seem to with ease, and the camera is just as fast as the commercials portray it to be, leaving no time for people to develop funny faces.

The Basics

The 1100 IS isn't what you might expect in a camera. Sleek styling and sound construction mean this camera fits in your pocket or purse with room to spare.

Don't be fooled. The 1100 IS offers 8 megapixels, instead of the older 7.1, to give you the absolute best quality for a camera this size. This means, the pictures you take will turn out crisp, clear, and bright.

Navigation is intuitive using a toggle wheel. You will be an expert at it after a few uses. In addition easy presets make it a simple point and shoot.

If you want to take custom ISO photos, change detailed flash settings and shutter timings this camera may not be for you. If you want easy to use, fast to be ready point and shoot then this is the camera for teh job.

Ease of Use

Most people want to pick up their digital, aim, and shoot. Everything after that is icing on the cake. And with the 11OO IS, you can do just that.

Just a button press or two will get you where you need to be, and even those who aren't familiar or comfortable using technology will be able to master this camera.

The buttons to navigate are all on the right side, so if you're left handed, you'll have a bit to get used to. But with the menu and selection buttons big enough for larger hands and easy to press, it doesn't make it hard to adjust.

Long Term Quality and Durability

This isn't the sort of camera that you'll need to replace in a year, we were pleased to discover. While its smaller design does warrant a bit of worry on the true durability, the camera feels sturdy in your hands and it can survive an accidental drop, or being roughed up a bit in a bag.

Image Quality

You'll get surprisingly good quality from this little camera, and the zoom (3x) gives you a decent bit of depth and clarity from such a small piece.

The face detection that's built in improves the focus and exposure when taking pictures of people, as well as a white balance and flash output. What this means to those of you who didn't follow is that you're less likely to make your friends look sheet-white when using flash. Vibrant colors and great details, with fairly correct skin tones.


The bottom line on this camera is that for everyday, casual use, it's great - and even amateurs who dapple in heavier things can appreciate the preset features and quality that you get.

While I will still recommend a serious SLR camera for those looking to become professional, this camera will help you improve your skill and capture great moments forever.